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Price it Simple

All Morning Flight programs are sufficiently automated to where most quotes and orders can be processed by office staff. This frees you to follow the 80/20 rule: Focus on the 20% of sales that yield 80% of your profits. How productive can you be when you catch yourself quoting business cards?

In automatic mode, pricing everyday jobs is a three-step process. It begins by selecting a product template, then adding paper, ink colors, and finishing options. The program validates each entry to prevent, for example, letterheads being printed on cardboard.

Price it Your Way

Manual mode demands greater care and a more intimate knowledge of printing. In return, you can turn off the autopilot and go hands on for dialing in makeready, run speed, RIP charges and other factors.

You still begin with defaults inherited from a template, but manual mode lets you specify which press to put the job on and how fast to run it. In other instances, actual dollar amounts can override slider settings. The only limitation on which kind of paper you can use is that envelope items must be printed on envelopes.

Price it Digital

Every Morning Flight program lets you price copies and digital because all come with the same pricing engine. What's more, they all share the same database. When it's time to upgrade, you simply swap out programs.

Why should you have to buy your way into any system with a big check and a long-term contract just to dip your toes in the water? With Morning Flight, you can start with the entry-level $85.00 Passport, then upgrade later to the Gold or Pixelblitz for only the difference in price. The data you entered will still be there, waiting.

installed in 113 countries

When processed rice first appeared in England, the American exporter had overlooked one small detail: The size of the British pint. English cooks who followed the instructions watched their meals turn to swill because they had used imperial 20-ounce pints in place of our less regal 16. Goes to show that making things useful abroad takes more than just wrapping them in the local language.

Morning Flight is at work in more than half the countries of the world not because it speaks English and German and can write estimates in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It works because you can change from inches to millimeters, from USA to ISO paper sizes - instantly, with a click of the mouse. And, yes, the program does know when to say "Colour" despite being a product of upstate New York, USA.