Morning Flight 2018* make estimates* write job tickets* create invoices* for under 600 dollars* one time charge* no annual fees* use it forever* *

Printshop MIS for Digital, Offset, Wide Format

Fast, easy, inexpensive
Wide Format, tiered Click Charges, RISO and Xante Presses
now included in the price of all paid Editions


Price it Simple

All Morning Flight programs are sufficiently automated to where most quotes and orders can be processed by office staff. This lets you follow the 80/20 rule: Focus on the 20% of sales that yield 80% of your profits.

In automatic mode, pricing everyday jobs is as easy as selecting a template and adding paper, ink colors, prepress, finishing, and packaging options. Manual mode demands greater care and a more intimate knowledge of printing but lets you override the auto pilot and manually dial in makeready, run speed and other factors.

Price Offset and Digital

All but the digital-only Pixelblitz let you price offet and digital because all come with the same pricing engine. What's more, they all share the same database. When it's time to upgrade, you simply swap out programs. The data you entered will still be there, waiting.

Why lock yourself into any system with a big check and a long-term contract just to dip your toes in the water? Our sales policy lets you start with the entry-level Passport edition, then upgrade later for just the difference in price, regardless of when you bought the program you're upgrading from.

Price Wide Format

Every paid Morning Flight program includes wide format, support for RISO and Xante presses, and five-tier click charges for digital. Those are now standard even in the bargain-priced $145.00 Passport edition.

Another feature all paid editions offer is a built-in price guide for digital and wide format, made possible in part by custom discounts and the new tiered click charges. Top it off with liberal use rights with no expiration date and no annual fees and you have to ask yourself: Where else am I going to find this kind of value for under $150?

installed in 114 countries

When processed rice first appeared in England, the American exporter had overlooked one small detail: The size of the British pint. English cooks who followed the instructions watched their meals turn to swill because they had used imperial 20-ounce pints in place of our less regal 16. Goes to show that making things useful abroad takes more than just wrapping them in the local language.

Morning Flight is at work in more than half the countries of the world not because it speaks English and German and can write estimates in French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It works because you can change from inches to millimeters, from USA to ISO paper sizes - instantly, with a click of the mouse. And, yes, for our friends across the pond and down under, the program does know when to say "Colour" instead of Color despite being a product of upstate New York, USA.