Download the FreeRide Edition and enjoy
some new-found leisure hours
Maybe even go home early for once!
pushbutton simplicity and lightning fast pricing for spot and full color
sheetfed digital estimating based on consumables and/or click charges
Wide Format
from banners to posters and vehicle wraps, on a variety of substrates
black and color copy prices retrieved from a user-defined quantity matrix
Tiered Click Charges
Five-tier click charges for digital, black and color
User-defined Presses
eight more offset and digital presses to precisely match your shop profile
select the offset or digital press that best meets the requirements of the job
RISO Presses
pricing for RISO duplicators, one and two colors
Xante Presses
pricing for Xante presses, black and four-color
Custom Prepress
unlimited custom prepress - if you can name it you can now quote it
Custom Postpress
unlimited custom postpress - add as many finishing options as you like
Custom Packaging
unlimited custom packaging - when boxes and shrinkwrap aren't enough
Custom Paper Markups
adjust paper markups on the fly to fine-tune individual quotes
Products with Bleeds
configure your own custom products with bleeds already built in
Free tech support
how-to videos in the library of this website plus free tech support
Upgrade to the Passport Edition and get Pro Features
AND Wide Format Estimating for just $145
If you buy the Passport Edition now,
stepping up will cost you less later

Our policy, from day one, has always been to upgrade between editions for just the difference in price. Should you want to move up, email us and we'll deduct what you paid for the Passport from any product at the Morning Flight Shop.